Frugal Innovation Pilot Programme

Pilot Programme

We are looking for 6 enthusiastic companies that would like to embark on the Frugal Innovation journey with us in realising their frugal product ideas into ideation. Pilot companies selected will be able to experience 1st hand guidance by renowned experts from Fraunhofer Institute towards developing concept idea using frugal methods.

Elaboration on the frugal project ideas would be much appreciated.

Slide submissions should follow the template.
(Download template)

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Registration Dateline : 26 February 2021

Criteria selection of companies for the Pilot Frugal Innovation programme.

Basic criteria
1. Small and Medium size company (SME).
2. In the Manufacturing.
3. Company must be at least 2 years operations.
4. Majority Malaysian owned.
5. Those involved in the programme must be willing to share their experience with other and also to be showcased.
6. Governed by Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).
7. Governed by Anti-bribery Act.

Programme criteria
1. Able to give full commitment during the whole programme including resources – manpower, time, funding (if necessary for prototype development).
   bullet Consumer Products
   bullet Food and Beverages (including packaging)
   bullet Green Energy & Environment
   bullet Healthcare and Medical Devices

Selection rules and regulations
1. All applications will be evaluated and shortlisted based on criteria set by SIRIM.
2. SIRIM shall have the right to reject any application that do not meet the selection criteria, or any other criteria stated in the SIRIM- Fraunhofer Programme.
3. All decisions are final. No appeal will be entertained.
4. Successful applicants will be notified through email.

Slide submissions should follow the template
(Download template)

bullet Idea Description
bullet Motive of the Project
bullet Target Market/User
bullet SMART Simplicity
bullet Estimated Development Cost
bullet How will the Frugal Innovation Product/Services be Marketed?
bullet Illustration

     Programme Flow

Pilot Programme


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