Frugal Innovation

A new initiative for SMEs introduced under the SIRIM-Fraunhofer 2.0 programme. Frugal Innovation is an approach to design fit-for-purpose products or services targeting cost-sensitive customer groups. Considering the current situation of COVID-19 outbreak, many companies intend to provide affordable quality products which are suitable for current and new markets.

Social and ecological friendliness as well as economic viability
Deliberate reduction of performance to core customer requirements
Definition of a price that matches the target customer's market
High attractiveness for target group based on reliable quality and simple use
Clear focus on specific, well defined target group

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Frugal Innovation Workshop for SIRIM Engineer/Researcher
Virtual Workshop

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Frugal Innovation Awareness

This awareness programme will provide an introduction and basic understanding of Frugal Innovation. Participants will also gain inspiration from Frugal Innovation case studies and explore the issues that drive the need to think afresh about innovation approach.

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Virtual Discussion Collaboration


Solar Power Streetlight

Solar Powered Streetlight

With Build-in Lithium-ion Battery And Composite Pole

To provide a green technology and cost saving streetlight powered by Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Storage system.

To provide easy installation module and lightweight material for remote area such as area without grid infrastructure, remote areas and near the sea.

Background/Problems :
High installation cost of traditional metal/concrete-based poles, traditional metal/concrete-based poles are prone to corrosion, areas without grid infrastructure are typically without streetlighting.

Solar Powered Streetlight
Portable Procedure Station

Portable Procedure Station

Mobile working table for medical procedure (rapid treatment for patients suffering from severe injury and bleeding in emergency department).

Background/Problems :
Medical personnel have to clean the severe bleeding in patients before suturing the wound suffered.
Clinical waste cleaning issue at emergency department giving rise to possible cross infection and contamination.
To provide quality, efficient and effective emergency service to the wounded and trauma patients.

Portable Procedure Station

Creapaper, Grassfibre

The extensive examination of the technical process and the long-standing expertise in the field of print materials ensured Creapaper a great competitive advantage and enabled a great ecological impact to be combined with a profitable business model.



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